Product Manufacturers


Permanent Virtual 3D Showcase of Manufactured Products

Virtual 3D spaces open fundamentally new possibilities for product manufacturers, which is particularly relevant today when most of business is mostly conducted online.

  • Products are presented in the best possible way in a set 3D space – no other presentation method will excite such an emotional impact!
  • The possibility to customize required virtual spaces – real or imaginary, including completely futuristic ones!
  • The possibility to present even something that is not possible in reality – the inside operation process of a machine!
  • A unique catalogue of products, which is always accessible.

When designing virtual showcases, we assist with the following:

  1. Performing photography and videorecording of products;
  2. Forming product descriptions;
  3. Recording expert’s commentary on each type of product (including audiocommentary);
  4. Preparing company’s description (backstory);
  5. Forming an exposition of company’s products.
In addition:
  • We provide consulting services and legal support;
  • We assist in product promotion.

Feel free to contact us on the possibility of utilizing this technology. Together we will find the most effective solution to implement the technology according to your needs and the ones of your enterprise.