Development of Human Resources in Organizations and Enterprises

Employed methods

When developing each training module (course), learning technologies with guaranteed results is employed. Those technologies, in relation to existing and promising opportunities of computer and multimedia equipment, were developed for more than 10 years. Immense experience from areas of professional practice that do not have a margin for error (e.g. air traffic control, operators of nuclear reactors, etc.) was utilized. Moreover, the methodological basis and professional sportsmen training experience was quite useful in this regard. Specifically, it was helpful in determining potential, individual features of development and receiving sustainable feedback from the trainee in the learning process.

Main advantages of the described technologies:
  • Training courses correspond with specific requirements of an organization.
  • Training is carried out with the employment of experience and knowledge of organization’s (industry) leading experts.
  • The quality of training is constant and independent of the wellbeing and mood of the educator.
  • Trainee is provided with an individual approach (the trainee personally choses the convenient time and pace of learning, amount of views of the learning content).
  • Costs per unit are decreased for training an employee – the course is developed once and it, generally, requires an update only in 3-5 years.

When developing a multimedia course for distance learning with a guaranteed result, it is necessary to remember that the trainee has to obtain the exact knowledge required for further work (otherwise, the employer will incur unnecessary costs).

Therefore, we suggest the following requirement scale of the training result:

  • The trainee received common knowledge on the subject and, if necessary, knows where and how to get more detailed information;
  • The trainee received detailed knowledge on the subject and is able to reproduce gained knowledge in an oral (or written) form;
  • The trainee received detailed knowledge on the subject and gained a sustainable skill of implementing this knowledge in work;

Each level of training supposes substantive preparations of learning materials and, correspondingly, higher costs. However, when training a large number of employees under the conditions of their uneven influx and the necessity of individual approach with low costs per unit to each employee, this methodology is beyond competition.

When designing virtual study guides, we assist with the following:

  1. Performing photography and videorecording;
  2. Forming descriptive texts;
  3. Recording educator’s commentary (including audiocommentary);
In addition:
  • We provide consulting services and legal support on human resources management;
  • We assist in developed study guides and methodological materials implementation.

Feel free to contact us on the possibility of utilizing this technology. Together we will find the most effective solution to implement the technology according to your needs and requirements and the ones of your organization.