Permanent Virtual 3D Exposition of Art

  • Art works are exhibited in a real 3D space – no other display method of art items has the same emotional impact!
  • The possibility to customize required virtual spaces interiors – real or imaginary, including completely futuristic ones!
  • A unique catalogue of products, which is always accessible.

When designing virtual 3D galleries, we assist with the following:

  1. Performing photography of art works in full accordance with the international requirements of displaying art works;
  2. Forming descriptions to each work of art to display;
  3. Recording artist’s commentary on each work of art (including audiocommentary!);
  4. Preparing artist’s biography (backstory);
  5. Forming an exposition of the art works.
In addition:
  • We provide work of art assessment services;
  • We provide legal support;
  • We assist in promotion of art works.