Virtual Laboratory

An opportunity for researchers to present their scientific results in a vivid and informative manner is very significant. If those results concern long or short processes, microscopic or gigantic phenomena (cosmic events), the implementation of virtual 3D spaces technology becomes the only possible method of presenting research results.

Such presentations are beneficial not only during scientific reports but in educational processes as well, specifically, during distance learning.

When designing virtual presentations, we assist with the following:

  1. Performing photography and videorecording of testing equipment;
  2. Forming descriptions of experiments;
  3. Recording expert’s commentary (including audiocommentary);
  4. Preparing scientific institution’s description (backstory);
  5. Forming a study guide and presentation materials.
In addition:
  • We provide consulting services and legal support;
  • We assist in research results promotion on the market.

Feel free to contact us on the possibility of utilizing this technology. Together we will find the most effective solution to implement the technology according to your research needs and requirements and the ones of your research institution.